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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Business Owners

Looking for a gift for an entrepreneur? Then be sure to check out this Ultimate Gift Guide for Business Owners. It's full of ideas to help you choose to the perfect gift.

Wondering what to get the business owner in your life? Keep reading because I’ve got an epic round-up of tried and true ideas that will help find the perfect gift. You can think of this post as your personal holiday gift guide for business owners. The best part is that you can use this list as a resource year-round when it’s time to send a gift to a business owner.

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My Completely Honest Review of the 2019 Ultimate Productivity Bundle

Is the 2019 Ultimate Productivity Bundle right for you? Read my honest review!

Productivity is a word we throw around a lot! But can a few resources actually help you become more productive? The 2019 Ultimate Productivity Bundle is promising just that. I bought the bundle myself so that I can help you answer, is the 2019 Ultimate Productivity Bundle right for you? Is it worth buying?


Grow Your Business with Audiobooks

grow your business with audiobooks

I really love audiobooks. They allow me to use my time wisely during mundane but necessary tasks. Learning how to grow my business with audiobooks is such a perk! What else allows you to understand sales funnels while scrubbing toilets?! I can learn the latest marketing techniques while simmering soup! And I must admit, I listen to a lot of fiction with audiobooks because sometimes you just need a little fun!


Unlimited Books for the Bibliophile on Your List!

Christmas gift idea for the book lover on your list!

I love books! Reading has become part of my daily routine. I get cranky if I don’t get in a little reading time every day! I naturally gravitate to fiction, especially historical fiction and mysteries, but I love business books too.

Books make such great gifts, but one single hardback book can cost a pretty penny. What if you could give the gift of unlimited books to a lucky reader in your life? With Kindle Unlimited you can. (This post contains affiliate links.)