My Completely Honest Review of the 2019 Ultimate Productivity Bundle 

 February 18, 2019

Productivity is a word we throw around a lot! But can a few resources actually help you become more productive? The 2019 Ultimate Productivity Bundle is promising just that. I bought the bundle myself so that I can help you answer, is the 2019 Ultimate Productivity Bundle right for you? Is it worth buying?

What is included in the Ultimate Productivity Bundle?

The Bundle includes 14 eCourses, 5 eBooks, 26 printable packs & workbooks, and 1 summit for a combined total of 46 information products worth over $1,500. Your price? You will get everything for $49.97, plus there are bonuses!


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Cheat Sheets

One of the best things about the Ultimate Productivity Bundle is the cheat sheets. There is a master cheat sheet of all the products and a cheat sheet for each section. The cheat sheets walk you through each and every resource giving you the highlights of the information covered in the resource. With so many resources available to you, the cheat sheets will allow you to narrow in on the products that are exactly what you are looking for, and will meet the needs you have. They are a huge time saver!

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The Ultimate Productivity Bundle really shines when it comes to planners! My life would fall apart without my planner, I truly believe it’s a productivity must! But planners can be expensive! The planner I use costs $58 plus shipping! Well designed printable planners are cheaper, but still an investment. And have you ever bought a physical or printable planner and then hated it?! I have. Everyone has their own preferences on how they like their planners set-up and what they would like included. I think this is the beauty of the productivity bundle. There are so many different printable planners to choose from that you are sure to find one that has exactly what you need!

The bundle includes several different calendar planners, such as Beyond Blessed and The Planner Obsessed. If you already have a planner but like to use list supplements, there are several options with lists for every occasion, such as List Plan It or Simply Scheduled.

Daily Planners inside the bundle


Goal Planning and Tracking

If you need help setting and reaching your goals, there are 9 goal planning or tracking resources to choose from plus 5 courses on goal setting. The goal planners range in their scope and focus. Many of the goal trackers will help you map about your goals for the year, and The Success Designer Planner helps you focus on both your current and long term goals (think 3, 5 and 10 years) as well as your financial goals. There is even something for couples, The Ultimate Goal Setting Planner – Couples Edition!

The goal planners contain helpful information on setting and reaching your goals, but the goal courses go a bit more in depth. There are general goal setting courses as well as a course specifically designed to help you finish projects like Start Finishing Your Projects: Boost Your Productivity, Effectiveness, and Creative Momentum by Learning to Finish the Projects that Matter Most.

Goal Planners inside the bundle


Home Management

I’m so glad the bundle includes a home management section because after all, we all have homes! I especially thought the information in Child, It’s Time to Get off your Butt looked great. Not my favorite book title, but the information was solid. Imagine not having to remind my kids to put on fresh underwear in the morning! (That one is seriously a daily struggle!)

Under the home management section, there are several resources for implementing family chore systems such as The Family Chore System & Planner and Chore Box.

To help you stay on track with home cleaning there is Get Your Home Clean and Organized as well as the Home Cleaning Planner.

And if you need help with paperwork (who doesn’t!) there is Organized 31.

I love that the home management section covers so many areas that we all struggle with!

Goal Setting inside the bundle


At Work

Although the bundle is geared toward personal productivity, it has a work section included. Many of us are business owners or side hustlers, so several of these resources will be very useful! I especially thought the 6-Week Balanced Life Guide with videos and worksheets looked great as well as the Perfect Project Planner for Bloggers, Small Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs. I’ve got several big projects I need to plan!

Productivity at Work inside the bundle


Time Management

And to top it all off, some time management training. I thought the techniques discussed in How To Finish Your To-Do List Everyday was great! In fact, I think I would start with this video as a great tool for how to effectively use a planner, then move on to printing the planner that works best for you. The combo of this video plus a planner could be life changing for some!


Time Management inside the bundle


The Big Reveal – Is It Worth It?

There is no doubt that the 2019 Ultimate Productivity Bundle has many amazing resources! These are high-quality products, not cheap fluff! I think the bundle is worth it for you if . . . .

  • you are currently struggling with productivity and need a system to help you (so many great ideas and systems covered in the bundle!)
  • you know you will use at least two of these resources (worth the $49.97 right there!)
  • you love printable planners, goal trackers, and lists (you’ll save money having all of these at your disposal!)
  • you need to fast track your productivity and not waste time searching around the internet (this curated selection has everything you need right here!)
  • you have a good planner system but need some home management help (I will never admit how much time elapses between floor moppings in my house!)
  • you feel decently productive but know some fresh ideas could really kick your productivity into high gear (this + home management is me!)

If you will use the bundle, then $49.97 is a small price to pay for all the benefit you will receive!

Here’s to productivity in 2019!

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Is the 2019 Ultimate Productivity Bundle right for you? Learn more in my honest review!
Is the 2019 Ultimate Productivity Bundle right for you? Learn more in my honest review!

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