About Me

Hi! I’m Sarah, your small business tax and accounting tour guide. (Best job ever!)

The most entertaining details about me are that I have a B.S. in Accounting and passed the CPA exam in 2004. I worked for seven years with a public accounting firm that specialized in Non-profit and Government audit. (I know, I know, super exciting!) Throughout the years I have done bookkeeping work for many different types of businesses including a coffee shop, a stationary store, a speech therapist, and online businesses such as Etsy shops, blogs, and writers.

I have owned the Etsy shop The Amateur Naturalist since 2012, and began writing business books in 2016. I have always had a soft spot for small business owners, hence the creation of this website. No matter what entrepreneurial endeavors I have tackled through the years, I was never concerned about the tax and accounting side of things because of my background. However, I know that this is not the case for most small business owners.

Many small business owners are scared or overwhelmed by the tax and accounting side of owning a business. That’s where I hope this website will help. My hope is to take the mystery and misery out of your small business tax and accounting issues.

Whether you just need a helpful article or two to get you on the right foot, or want a little extra one on one help from me, I know I can put your mind at ease and get your small business taxes and accounting under control.

On a personal level I am wife and mother to 3.  (That is, wife to 1, mom to 3! ha ha) I feel lost if I don’t have my coffee and read a book each morning. (Here are some of my favorite fiction books.) I love watching my kids play sports, plants and gardening, and a good spreadsheet.