Is QuickBooks Right for your Blog Bookkeeping? 

 September 17, 2018

Your blog is growing! You are finally starting to see some blog revenue, and of course, you’ve had expenses for a while now. You know it’s time to get a handle on your blog bookkeeping, otherwise, you’ll have a mess come tax time. You have heard people talk about QuickBooks. Is QuickBooks right for your blog bookkeeping? Let’s find out!

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What better way to discover if QuickBooks online is right for your blog bookkeeping than through a short demo. You can see QuickBooks in action, with transactions you will encounter in exactly your type of business, blogging. Watch this short tutorial video below to discover if QuickBooks Online is right for you.



If you have decided that QuickBooks is just what you need for your blog bookkeeping then I recommend starting with QuickBooks Online Simple Start. It has everything you need at a low monthly price.

Need a little extra help getting QuickBooks up and running for your blog bookkeeping? My Bookkeeping for Bloggers course is a low-cost solution that walks you through setting up your blog bookkeeping step by step.

Blogger's Quick Start Tax Guide

There are many ways I can help you get a handle on your blog bookkeeping, from a little to a lot. Discover all the ways I can help.

Whether or not QuickBooks is right for your blog bookkeeping, the most important thing is to do something now. Begin by setting up your separate financial business accounts. At a minimum, this will simplify your business finances. If you are not ready for an online software, then summarize your business profit and loss in a spreadsheet each month. This way you will know where you make money, and where you spend it. I would just encourage you to do something, to stay on top of your blog bookkeeping. Don’t delay! The mess will not disappear or go away.




Is QuickBooks right for your blog bookkeeping? | SmallBusinessSarah.com

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