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Need Bookkeeping Help?

Hello, I'm Sarah. An online business owner and accountant that specializes in helping micro business owners get a handle on their small business bookkeeping. That means you Etsy seller, blogger, Amazon shop owner, or other small business owner! I understand the world of online selling and business, because I do it myself! That's why I'm particularly situated to help you with your bookkeeping.

DIY Bookkeeping

YouTube videos with step by step bookkeeping training.


  • Videos for Etsy Sellers
  • Videos for Bloggers
  • I specialize in QuickBooks Online 
  • How to handle PayPal


I’m so glad I learned about Sarah’s services about a year ago. She has helped me so many times when I was stumped by QuickBooks or just needed her to take a bookkeeping task off my plate. What I love about her is that she goes the extra mile, often recording a video for me to explain things thoroughly. I also appreciate that she is honest—even when it’s meant less monetary gain for her. She wants what’s best for her clients! I would highly recommend her to any small business owner or mom blogger like myself!

Corina Holden blogger at Frump Fighters