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I’m An Etsy Seller Who Does My Own Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping Resources for Etsy Sellers

One of the reasons I started Small Business Sarah was to help other business owners learn how to handle their own bookkeeping.

When you're first getting started in business, it can be helpful to understand all the financial aspects of your business. But if you don't  have bookkeeping experience, this can feel overwhelming.

If you're trying to get set up with your bookkeeping, you'll find helpful articles on this site and step-by-step tutorials on my YouTube channel.

Helpful Etsy Bookkeeping Articles

Quickbooks makes their Self-Employed product sound like the perfect solution for Etsy sellers. However, there are a few serious issues. Be sure to read this post to find out why you should NOT use QuickBooks Self-Employed for your Etsy shop bookkeeping.

Why You Should Not Use QuickBooks for Etsy (QuickBooks Self-Employed) for Your Etsy Shop Bookkeeping

The advertisements for QuickBooks for Etsy are so appealing! “Instant integration with

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Etsy Bookkeeping Tutorials

If you prefer to learn via step-by-step videos, be sure to check out my Etsy specific video series.