How to Find Sales Tax Collected on Etsy 

 November 16, 2018

With the recent changes to the shop payment account on Etsy, I fully expected to find the amount of sales tax collected (and therefore sales tax payable) right on one of their new pretty charts. A pretty important number to bookkeeping success! When I could not find sales tax information anywhere in the new shop payment account, I have to admit, I was worried! Luckily, I found the old trusty CSV files I have always used, just not where I expected to find them! Watch this short video to discover where to locate the CSV file that will outline sales tax collected in your Etsy shop. This video will also show you were to find your Etsy shop sales reports you were using previously including, the Etsy Orders Sales Report. I personally use QuickBooks Online Simple Start to make my Etsy bookkeeping simple and easy each month. Here is the process I use to accurately record my Etsy shops sales and fees in QuickBooks each month using a couple Etsy shop sales reports and CSV files. I also created a web application to make this process even easier, and it's free to use. Don't even want to think about doing your own Etsy shop bookkeeping? I specialize in Etsy shop bookkeeping, and my bookkeeping services start at a super low price!     Need more help? Grab a free copy of my book, the Etsy Seller's Simple Guide to Taxes.

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