Have you ever found yourself thinking, "If only I could get some bookkeeping help for my blog..."

I completely get it. Taking pictures, writing articles, and growing your subscriber list is much more fun than spending your precious time Googling "bookkeeping and taxes for bloggers."

However, your business finances are important, and getting your financial house in order does not have to be as difficult as you think.

Let me help you get your blog bookkeeping set-up and help you understand your blog taxes, so that you can get back to blogging!

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Bookkeeping for your blog doesn't have to be painful!

Here's the secret... if you take some time to get a handle on bookkeeping and taxes for bloggers at the outset, you gain so many benefits!

Save time with an automated bookkeeping program like QuickBooks.

Understand your blog finances and make better business decisions.

Save money when you do your own bookkeeping. 

Be ready come tax time, no more scrambling!

If you're looking for a way to make your blog bookkeeping and taxes as painless as possible, be sure to check out my top articles that break down these topics.

Bookkeeping for Bloggers

Ultimate Guide to Blog Bookkeeping Using QuickBooks Online

Blogging is a rewarding job. You get to impact others with your experience and expertise. But for most bloggers, the most dreaded part of the job is bookkeeping. It’s even scarier than tech. That’s why I put together this Ultimate Guide to Blog Bookkeeping. As an accountant, my superpower is taking the pain out of

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How to Make Sure Your Blog is Profitable

I’ll let everyone else tell you how to generate revenue from your blog. I’m going to explain how to make sure you have a profitable blog! Isn’t revenue and profit the same thing? Nope. Revenue is the amount of money your blog business brings in. Profit is what’s leftover after you’ve paid all of your

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Is QuickBooks Right for your Blog Bookkeeping?

Your blog is growing! You are finally starting to see some blog revenue, and of course, you’ve had expenses for a while now. You know it’s time to get a handle on your blog bookkeeping, otherwise, you’ll have a mess come tax time. You have heard people talk about QuickBooks. Is QuickBooks right for your

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How do I pay myself from my small business?

“How do I pay myself from my small business?” is one of the most common questions I am asked. Related to this question is, how much can I pay myself? If you are sole-proprietor or a single-member LLC (not filing as an S-Corp), the answer is shockingly simple. You can pay yourself how much you

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Taxes for Bloggers

10 Tax Deductions Every Blogger Should Know

Whether you do your own blog taxes, or you hire someone to do them for you, if you understand your blog tax deduction possibilities, it will save you money. The more you know, the more you can track correctly, and capitalize on legitimate tax saving opportunities. Let’s get started! More… Blog Tax Deductions This post

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How to Handle Business Travel Expenses with Confidence

Building a successful business is exciting, but it also stretches you. But like a savvy business owner, you realize the importance of ongoing education, and you’re committed to learning everything you can in order to grow. As part of your growth strategy, you might decide to attend an out of town business conference that’s relevant

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A Guide to Understanding and Answering the Schedule C Questions

  Taxes. The word strikes fear in most small business owners. They prefer the ostrich approach to taxes–if I keep avoiding it, everything will be ok. But as much as you dread filing your taxes, it is a necessity. So let’s walk through some of the potentially confusing things together. In this post, I’ll cover

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How To Save Money By Recording Your Blog Expenses

It has taken a lot of hard work, but you are finally earning income from your blog. That’s the good news. The not so good news is that you need to report your income to the IRS. This post will help explain how you can save money by recording and deducting eligible blog expenses.    Many people

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How to Get a Business Mileage Tax Deduction

It’s quite easy to claim a business mileage tax deduction on your small business tax return. Whether you are an Etsy Seller, a blogger, a virtual assistant, or any number of things, most likely you are using your car on occasion for business purposes. That is your signal to calculate your business mileage tax deduction!

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101 Tax Deductions for Bloggers

Don’t miss out on a single tax deduction for your blog business. There are many tax deductions for bloggers that you can take. Here are 101 tax deductions to get you started!   This post contains affiliate links, see my disclosure here. This post is meant for general informational purposes only, and should not be

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Why Bookkeeping and Taxes for Bloggers Matter

When I started my first online business way back in 2012, there was a lot I didn't know. However, the one thing I did know was how to do my small business bookkeeping and taxes. Armed with an accounting degree and CPA license, I wasn't worried a bit about crunching the numbers for my business.

That isn't true for most people. I'm guessing that when you first began blogging, bookkeeping and taxes were far from top of mind! There are too many other more exciting things to do to grow your blog. Who has time to worry about blog finances?

While you certainly can get away with ignoring your blog bookkeeping and taxes for a little while, at some point you must deal with your business finances. I don't want that to be scary or intimidating for you! My goal is to create content that helps you understand exactly how to do bookkeeping for your blog and file your blog taxes at year end.

There are so many benefits to be gained by taking control of your bookkeeping in the early stages of your blog. Taking control will save you time, money, and end of year tax time stress.

But the most important reason to spend some time on your blog bookkeeping is that bookkeeping allows you to produce financial reports like a Balance Sheet and a Profit & Loss Statement. These reports in turn allow you to analyze your business and make educated financial decisions. Too many people blindly run their business, not even knowing if they are making a profit or not. Don't let that be you.

You can explore my most popular articles above, and you can also find my free blog bookkeeping training on YouTube. This playlist will walk you through your blog bookkeeping, step-by-step.

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