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Etsy Entry App

1/27/22 - Towards the end of 2021, Etsy began making a series of changes to their financial reporting and CSV files. This caused the Etsy Entry App to stop working. Therefore, to complete your 2021 bookkeeping, I suggest you calculate your Etsy journal entry manually. This video will show you how. Sorry for the inconvenience!

3/25/22 - There is no longer a need for the Etsy Entry App to do your 2022 Etsy bookkeeping!

 -This video walks you through your bookkeeping options. 

-This video shows you how to set-up Sync with Etsy. 

-And this video will show you how to find the numbers you need if you still want to continue with a manual journal entry each month, otherwise known as the Etsy Bank Method.

-And for those Etsy Sellers who are just starting out and might not need a high power program like QuickBooks Online, check out this video for an equally fast and accurate method of doing your Etsy shop bookkeeping.

The Etsy Entry App