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I’m A Bookkeeper!

Hello, fellow bookkeeper! Welcome! 

As my bookkeeping business has grown, I'm finding that I can't take on every potential new monthly bookkeeping client who comes my way. 

However, many of you may be just starting your business as a bookkeeper, and are looking for bookkeeping clients.

That's why I have created a bookkeeper database, as a solution for the potential clients I can't serve, and as a solution for the bookkeepers looking for clients.

The bookkeepers database is simply that, a list of bookkeepers who are interested in more clients. Every time a potential new client reaches out to me, and I'm unable to provide the bookkeeper services they are looking for, I will refer them to the bookkeeper database. This allows business owners to potentially find the bookkeeper they need, and the opportunity for bookkeepers to gain new clients. It's a win for everyone!

To be included in the bookkeeper database there is a small monthly fee of $25. That will easily be made up by landing just one new client!

Please read this document with more detailed information about how the database works.

Then, if you are interested, fill out this form. Answer the questions carefully, the information you provide is exactly what I will provide to potential clients.

I hope your inclusion in this database provides you with many wonderful client leads!