Welcome small business owner!

I am am accountant who loves to support small businesses, especially very small businesses. You can learn more about me here. I know that when you start a business, the accounting and bookkeeping for that business is probably the last thing on your mind. In fact, the accounting and bookkeeping side of owning a business may feel quite overwhelming. It feels like a big learning curve.

You could hire a full time bookkeeper, but your money is tight.

You could scramble all over the internet and learn bookkeeping bit by bit, but your time is at a premium.

What you really need is just someone to get you started on the right foot.

Online accounting programs available today make bookkeeping pretty simple . . . once you are all set up and know what you are doing.

That’s where I come in. I will save you time by getting your business bookkeeping up and running. I will customize your bookkeeping to your unique business. When I am done you will be ready to take over your bookkeeping with confidence. This will save you money, no need to keep paying a bookkeeper!

Take a look at all that my Getting Started Package includes:

Getting Started Package

Online accounting programs make bookkeeping so easy once a firm foundation has been laid. All you need is a little help getting started. With this package . . .

  • We will start with a free Skype video call so I can get a feel for your business, determine what financial information is important to you, and gain an understanding of your accounting needs. You can decide if my services are right for you with no obligation to continue.
  • I will help you choose the right online accounting program for your business needs.
  • I will set up a custom chart of accounts that will produce financial reports that are of value to you and your business.
  • I will code 50 transactions for you and set up memorized transactions with your accounting program to make future transaction coding simple.
  • I will reconcile one month of your bank account.
  • I will reconcile one month of your credit card account.
  • I will record several customized videos for you, walking you through all you need to know to easily do your business bookkeeping each month. These videos will include the basics of how to use the program, how to reconcile your accounts, and how to handle any specialized accounting needs you have. Because these videos are customized to your accounting records, they will make understanding your bookkeeping a snap!
  • Etsy sellers, I will properly record one month’s Etsy bill and one month’s Etsy deposits and create a video of each to easily explain each entry.
  • You will walk away with your accounting program set up and running which will make your small business accounting virtually painless going forward. This will also make tax time super easy!
  • I will be available to answer questions about your accounting program, recording transactions, or any other bookkeeping related matters for 3 months after completion of your set up.

With this package you are taking true ownership of your small business accounting. You will gain tremendously by having a custom chart of accounts created for you and many transactions entered and memorized by the program. The customized videos and ongoing support will alleviate any concerns or questions. You will start off on the right foot, but be involved in your accounting, and therefore knowledgeable about the health of your business. In the end you will be able to take over your bookkeeping with confidence and save time and money!

The Getting Started Package is for you if you have already opened a business checking account, and therefore have your business financial transactions separate from your personal transactions.

This package is a one time fee of $199. Email me at [email protected] for questions or to get started and book your free Skype call.


Need a little more help?

Getting Started Package Plus!

The Getting Started Package Plus! is for those customers with more complicated businesses or with a bit more of a mess on their hands! You will receive everything included in the Getting Started Package. Plus . . . 

  • One month account reconciliations for two additional accounts beyond one bank and one credit card account.
  • If you started the year using your personal checking for business transactions, and now you have a bit of a mess, with this package I will help you sort out the mess! Many businesses begin by using their personal checking account for their business, and open a business checking account later. This can create a complicated situation when you need to combine information from a personal account and data from your business checking for taxes at year end. I will help you sort out the mess and get ready for tax time.
  • If you plan to use QuickBooks to invoice customers, with this package I will add up to 15 products to QuickBooks and link those products to the appropriate revenue accounts making invoicing easy!
  • You will still receive everything offered in the Getting Started Package including a custom chart of accounts, 50 transactions coded, and custom videos to show you how to use your accounting software of choice for your business!

The Getting Started Package Plus! is a one time fee of $299. Email me at [email protected] for questions or to book your free Skype call. I can help you determine which package is right for you and am always happy to answer questions.

Don’t let your books get any messier or stress you out any more! Let me get you started on the right foot, and your bookkeeping will be a breeze!



Need something a little different than bookkeeping help?

Small Business Financial Consulting

Sometimes you just need a little advice to get the profit rolling! I have been involved with many businesses over the years (coffee shops, stationary stores, podcasts, Etsy shops, blogs, writers, speech therapists, etc.) and have seen what works and what doesn’t. I’m excellent at cutting expenses and finding ways to expand profits!

Set up a free Skype call to discuss your business and see if my services are a good fit for you. Email me at [email protected] to get started.