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101 Tax Deductions for Bloggers

101 Tax Deductions for Bloggers |

Don’t miss out on a single tax deduction for your blog business. There are many tax deductions for bloggers that you can take. Here are 101 tax deductions to get you started!


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101 Tax Deductions for Bloggers!


Confused about Business Structure? Find the Best one for You!

Confused about choosing a business structure for your new small business? Learn how to easily choose the right business structure for your new small business.

Your blog is starting to take off! Your Etsy shop is beginning to grow! You know you have a business on your hands, not just a hobby, so what’s next? Before you register your business, you need to choose a business structure. Believe me, it sounds scarier than it is. Let’s find out which structure is right for you.




Major Sales Tax Changes with Wide Reaching Effects

Understand the most recent changes to sales tax that most likely affect you and your online business.

Sales tax was never fun. But it could be getting worse. And no, this is not a click-bait headline scam, “5 Reasons You’re Failing at Sales Tax” or some nonsense like that! It’s for real.

This is all somewhat recent news to me. So let me explain what I’ve learned so far, and some of the issues at stake. Right now, a lot of this is very much up in the air. The Supreme Court will be looking at some of these issues later this year. Until then, I just want to keep you informed so that you can dive in and learn what you need to know for your business. And please share with other friends you know in the online space.


How to Get a Business Mileage Tax Deduction

How to get a business mileage tax deduction

It’s quite easy to claim a business mileage tax deduction on your small business tax return. Whether you are an Etsy Seller, a blogger, a virtual assistant, or any number of things, most likely you are using your car on occasion for business purposes. That is your signal to calculate your business mileage tax deduction! Let me show you how.


How to Get a Home Office Tax Deduction

How to Get a Home Office Tax Deduction for your home based business

As a small business owner, saving money wherever you can is a major key to success. Learn how to get a home office tax deduction, so you can pay less come tax time. Let me walk you through how to get this often overlooked tax deduction.

In order to claim a home office tax deduction, (also called the business use of your home tax deduction), there are two qualifications you must meet. You must use an area of your home regularly and exclusively for conducting business.


Can I Write-off the Purchase of Business Books?

Today’s question is from Elizabeth of Paper Bliss Designs.
Can I write-off business books or business planners/workbooks at tax time?
Great question Elizabeth! As with most things regarding the IRS, every situation is unique and there is a lot of room for interpretation. The general rules regarding business expenses are that they must be ordinary and necessary for your trade or profession. Most likely business books to help you grow your business or learn more about your line of business would qualify.