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How To Save Money By Recording Your Blog Expenses

How to Save Money By Recording Your Blog Expenses

It has taken a lot of hard work, but you are finally earning income from your blog. That’s the good news. The not so good news is that you need to report your income to the IRS. This post will help explain how you can save money by recording and deducting eligible blog expenses. 

Many people feel overwhelmed by the bookkeeping and accounting aspects of their blog business. But let’s break it down so you know what you need to be doing to track your income and expenses.

Disclaimer: This post is for information purposes only and does not constitute tax or legal advice. This post contains affiliate links, see my Disclosures here.


Select the Ideal Start Date for your QuickBooks Bookkeeping

Select the Ideal Start Date for your QuickBooks Bookkeeping

When setting up your small business bookkeeping for the first time, you must select a start date, the date on which you begin to bring your business financial transactions into your bookkeeping program. Many factors go into selecting the ideal start date for your small business bookkeeping. In our discussion we'll be assuming you are using QuickBooks Online Simple Start, which is my recommended bookkeeping program. Keep in mind that establishing separate financial accounts for your business, is a crucial first step before using a bookkeeping program.


Best Accounting Software for Etsy Sellers

Discover the best accounting software to use if you are an Etsy seller. I review and analyze three different accounting programs to find the best for Etsy Sellers.

When Etsy announced a partnership with QuickBooks to provide QuickBooks for Etsy, I knew I had to check it out. As an accountant, I am very picky about my accounting software. As an Etsy Seller, I want quick and easy financial data. This was the perfect opportunity to test and find the best accounting software for Etsy sellers.

QuickBooks for Etsy uses a version of QuickBooks called QuickBooks Self-Employed. I have been using a different version of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Simple Start, for many years. Keep in mind that QuickBooks Self Employed is a completely different type of program than QuickBooks Simple Start. Same company, completely different program. In this article, I will discuss both QuickBooks Self-Employed and QuickBooks Simple Start. In addition, I had also heard many Etsy sellers rave about Go Daddy Bookkeeping for Etsy sellers. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to test and compare all three programs. Here is what I found.


How to Find Sales Tax Collected on Etsy

Etsy recently changed the shop payment account. Now where do you find the amount of sales tax you have collected from your Etsy sales? Let me show you! |

With the recent changes to the shop payment account on Etsy, I fully expected to find the amount of sales tax collected (and therefore sales tax payable) right on one of their new pretty charts. A pretty important number to bookkeeping success! When I could not find sales tax information anywhere in the new shop payment account, I have to admit, I was worried! Luckily, I found the old trusty CSV files I have always used, just not where I expected to find them!


New Etsy Payment Account: How to Record Etsy Shop Revenue and Transaction Fees

Etsy has updated and changed the payment account. In light of this change, the bookkeeping for your Etsy shop will need to change slightly. Learn how to record your Etsy shop revenues and Etsy shop transaction fees quickly and easily in QuickBooks Simple Start. |

Etsy has been talking about this for a while, and finally, in November 2018 Etsy has created a new Etsy payment account and eliminated the separate Etsy bill. Now all Etsy fees will be deducted from Etsy sales before the remaining money is deposited into your bank account. In light of these changes, the process for recording Etsy deposits and Etsy fees in QuickBooks Simple Start has changed. Let me show you exactly what to do now.


Is QuickBooks Right for your Blog Bookkeeping?

Is QuickBooks Right for your Blog Bookkeeping? |

Your blog is growing! You are finally starting to see some blog revenue, and of course, you’ve had expenses for a while now. You know it’s time to get a handle on your blog bookkeeping, otherwise, you’ll have a mess come tax time. You have heard people talk about QuickBooks. Is QuickBooks right for your blog bookkeeping? Let’s find out!


How do I pay myself from my small business?

How do I pay myself from my small business? |

“How do I pay myself from my small business?” is one of the most common questions I am asked. Related to this question is, how much can I pay myself? If you are sole-proprietor or a single-member LLC (not filing as an S-Corp), the answer is shockingly simple. You can pay yourself how much you would like and whenever you would like! Great news.



3 Tips for Easy Business Recordkeeping

By easily and proactively setting up a recordkeeping system for your small business, you will save so many hours of work and frustration.

There are so many fun parts to owning your own business . . . . business recordkeeping is not one of them! However, keeping good financial records is one of the best things you can do for your business. Not only will an efficient bookkeeping system make your life easier come tax time, but understanding your financial position will enable you to make better choices day to day.

Keep in mind that even if your small business is still at the hobby level, you still need to keep financial records. Unfortunately hobby income also has to be included on your tax return!


The Quick Start Guide to QuickBooks

As a small business owner, the thought of setting up a bookkeeping or accounting system can seem daunting. However, good financial data is vital to your business success, and setting up a bookkeeping system can actually be quite simple.

There are many online accounting programs available today. QuickBooks is my favorite. QuickBooks is perfect for the very small businesses all the way up to the very large and sophisticated businesses. It’s easy to use, but it can grow with you as your business expands. Let me show you how easy it is to get started with QuickBooks. (This post does contain affiliate links for products I use and highly recommend.)


Get the Most out of your Chart of Accounts

Quickly customize your business chart of accounts to get the most out of your accounting software.

In the Quick Start Guide to QuickBooks post, we talked a little about naming your revenue and expense accounts. The list of all your account names is called your Chart of Accounts.

The Importance of your Chart of Accounts

As a new small business owner, you may be tempted to just use the account names and chart of accounts already provided to you in QuickBooks. However, with just a tiny bit of thought and effort, you can create your own chart of accounts that will provide financial information to you that is actually meaningful. After all, the point of bookkeeping is to provide financial records that are useful, meaningful, and aid in decision making! (This post does contain affiliate links for products I use and recommend.)