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Top 3 Tips for New Etsy Sellers

Top 3 Tips for New Etsy Sellers. Start your Etsy shop off on the right foot!

As a new Etsy seller, you want your business to thrive and grow as quickly and simply as possible. As an Etsy Seller since 2012, I have learned a few things about running a successful Etsy shop. Get ahead of the game with your shop by following my top tips for new Etsy sellers.



Best Accounting Software for Etsy Sellers

Discover the best accounting software to use if you are an Etsy seller. I review and analyze three different accounting programs to find the best for Etsy Sellers.

When Etsy announced a partnership with QuickBooks to provide QuickBooks for Etsy, I knew I had to check it out. As an accountant I am very picky about my accounting software. As an Etsy Seller I want quick and easy financial data. This was the perfect opportunity to test and find the best accounting software for Etsy sellers.

QuickBooks for Etsy uses a version of QuickBooks called QuickBooks Self-Employed. I have been using a different version of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Simple Start, for many years. Keep in mind that QuickBooks Self Employed is a completely different type of program than QuickBooks Simple Start. Same company, completely different program. In this article I will discuss both QuickBooks Self-Employed and QuickBooks Simple Start. In addition, I had also heard many Etsy seller’s rave about Go Daddy Bookkeeping for Etsy sellers. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to test and compare all three programs. Here is what I found.